Our 1st Ivy Ranch Camp!

July 22-27, 2020

This first camp is specifically for teenagers who want to build a LEGACY.

We are all about empowering resilience, building confidence, learning leadership, and promoting service. 

This camp is not just for kids who are already leaders, this is for ANY kid who wants to live their best life!

When you're surrounded by people who believe in you, you're learning skills that can legitimately help you get to the next level, and you're challenging yourself to go beyond what you thought you could do, THAT is when greatness happens! 

Time to chill

Learn more valuable skills from experts in the non-profit and leadership field. Each day will bring awesome speakers that will inspire you to think outside the box! Brainstorm with other Charity U students, compete for prizes, and polish your ideas for max impact when you get home! 

Unleash Leadership

Meet other teens like you, who want to make a difference, and believe they can! Participate in games, leadership building activities, challenges, and non-stop fun!

Friends for life


​for Parents

  •  Cancellation policy: You can cancel your registration anytime before June 15th. After that, we can only reimburse half of your registration since we have to buy supplies far in advance.

  • We promise to go above and beyond to take the best care of your kids. We will make sure they wear their seat belts when we pick them up from the airport, they will eat plenty of vegetables, get decent sleep, and we will do our very best to facilitate an experience where they build confidence, make friends, learn valuable skills, get to play and be a kid, and grow as a leader. 

  • We will be staying in very classy teepees. Your child will be constantly supervised in an assigned group that will include trained counselors and adult volunteers.


  • Phones are allowed at camp, but we will encourage the kids to only use them at specific times. We want them to take pictures and capture their experience at camp. Wi-fi will be very limited so we are not particularly concerned about inappropriate internet usage. If you are concerned about it, you can share that concern with us and we will come up with a plan you feel comfortable with. 


  • We will have a nurse and survival experts with us at all times to take every precaution to keep the kids safe.


  • We will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs. We will make sure that our leaders know of any food preferences (vegan/vegetarian) and allergies. The kids can bring all the snacks they want. Let's work together on making sure your kid has the food they want and need at camp.


  • Medical Staff: We will have a registered nurse with us at all times and there is a hospital 10 minutes away.


  • Facilities: We will be sleeping in teepees and we have full, functioning bathroom facilities (flushing toilets, running water, showers). It is NO Hilton thought!  It is very rustic and it will feel like camping. Don't expect a five star hotel.


  •  Small groups. Your teenager will be in a group of 7-8 kids. They will have plenty of solo time to reconnect with themselves, one-on-one time with their own personal mentor, time with a small group they will be assigned to, and time with the entire group. We anticipate having 40-50 kids total and 10-20 adults.


  • Snacks: Your teenager is welcome to bring snacks and treats- especially if they have diet restrictions. Just tell them that if they don't plan on sharing, they needs to hide them or have us keep them in the kitchen. We will make sure to have delicious, filling, plentiful food. They will be doing a lot of the cooking themselves over a campfire or on a grill (always supervised of course). Our menu will be posted soon but it will include yummy things like chili, eggs & pancakes, soup with bread bowls, pot roast tin-foil dinners, peach cobbler and other delectable dutch oven desserts, etc. We really want the kids to LOVE our camp so they want to come back and we know teenagers need good food to be a part of their good memories.


  • We have an incredible team of adults who will be at the camp with us at all times. It's also a fairly small camp so we will be able to keep track of the kids at all times. We put everyone into small groups with counselors and adults, and the kids know right from the beginning of camp that they are not allowed to go anywhere without one of their counselors or their adult advisor. 


  • Modesty policy: You can wear tank tops and shorts. Shorts need to be comfortable- for you AND the girls around you. We recommend mid-thigh. Since this is a co-ed camp, girls- please dress in a classy way. no cleavage, no midriff, no booty shorts. We want the boys to be more focused on your amazing hearts, minds, and spirits than your bodies.

  • Boys and girls will be closely monitored and we will have night watch on duty to ensure everyone stays in their own teepees where they belong. We will work them so hard during the day- having so much fun, we feel confident they will sleep soundly at night.


  • Every counselor and adult volunteer will do a background check and go through an in-depth training before working with kids. 

  • Discipline policy: We have a "three strikes you're out" policy. We will give kids two warnings before we call parents to come pick up. We can't let anyone negatively taint the experience for the other kids.


Packing list: 

  • Short sleeve shirts for 3 days

  • One long sleeve shirt

  • Sleeping bag

  • Swimming suit

  • Sunscreen

  • Towel

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • Reusable water bottle (important!)

  • Underwear & socks 

  • Long pants (jeans)

  • Shorts

  • Camp chair (optional)

  • Warm jammies (it gets cold at night)

  • Pillow

  • Extra blanket

  • Hygiene items (feminine products/toothbrush/toothpaste/face-wash/washcloth/soap/q-tips/deodorant/shampoo/conditioner, etc)

  • Your own prescription medications

  • Sweaters for nighttime campfires

  • Sturdy boots/tennis shoes

  • Flip flops

  • Bug spray

  • Flashlight

  • a journal

  • Small first aid kit (we will have all the essential first aid items too, but at least bring your own bandaids, headache medicine, and pepto chewables.)

  • Lastly, bring one classy outfit (dressy or just classy casual- up to you) for our photoshoot!








Wednesday July 22:

Arrive throughout the day, get settled. The ranch is about an hour away from the airport. 

 6pm: Dinner (catered by Bellas- the BEST mexican food in Utah!)

 7: Keynote speakers

 8: Get to know you games

 9: Campfire shenanigans


Thursday July 23:

 8: Movement (hike, yoga, cardio)

8:30: Breakfast (yogurt, fruit, granola, cereal, muffins)

9:30-10: Keynote

10-11:30: Breakout sessions (3)

11:30-12: Group games

12-1: lunch (Subs & salad)

1-1:30: Small group chat

1:30-4:30: Zip line, free time

4:30-5:30: Group activities

5:30: Dinner (Chili, Navajo Tacos, other soups, corn bread and rolls)

6:30-8: Karaoke night/lip sync battle

8-9: Campfire & Smores


Friday July 24:

8: Movement (hike, yoga, cardio)

8:30: Breakfast (pancakes, eggs)

9:30: Keynote

10-12: Breakouts

12: Lunch (chicken salad sandwiches, grapes, chips)

1-1:30: Small group chat

1:30-2: keynote

2-5: Deer Creek Lake- beach day & paddle boarding!

5:30: Dinner (spaghetti, plant-based meatballs, garlic bread, veggies)

6:30: group activities

7:30-8:30: Surprise guest!

8:30-9:30: campfire and free time

Saturday July 25:

8: Movement (hike, yoga, cardio)

8:30: Breakfast (quiche & fruit)

9:30: Keynote 

10:30-12: Breakouts 3 (panel with Charity U alumni)

12: Lunch (Salad, fruit)

1-1:30: small group chat

1:30-3:30: Group activities

3:30-5:30: prepare for competition, photoshoot, videos

5:30: Dinner (catered)

6:30-8:30: Competition and prizes. 

8:30-9:30: Glow In the dark party

9:30: Closing ceremony 


Sunday July 25:

8: Movement (hike, yoga, cardio)

8:30: Breakfast (French toast, fruit, muffins)

9: Closing speech from Jessie & Brian & one more surprise!

Hugs and TTFN’s, off to airport or parents can pick up!




  • If you don’t bring your own water bottle, you’ll be thirsty (no cups)

  • Composting (food scraps go to animals)

  • Zero Styrofoam

  • Paper, plastic, glass recycling

  • We will have nice, flushing toilets that connect to a Septic tank used to fertilize (so be comforted that your poop is going toward a good cause)

  • Solar (we are off grid, please turn off the lights when you’re done and unplug appliances)

  • 10 minute showers


Skills we will teach your kid, include:

  • Archery

  • Making fire with a bow drill & flint and steel

  • Changing a car tire

  • BB gun shooting

  • Nutrition 101

  • Conflict Resolution 101

  • Interview skills

  • Building an emergency shelter

  • First Aid 

  • CPR & heimlich 

  • Sew a button

  • Knot tying

  • Solar still

  • Mindfulness

  • The psychology of exercise

  • Personality profiles

  • Psychology 101

  • How to build a community project or charity

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