Make a difference & LOVE who you become

Benefits of starting your own Charity

-    Society: Society benefits by seeing an army of young people   doing powerful goodness and stereotypes are proven wrong!

-    Your Cause: The cause you choose benefits...obvi!

-    You: You become rooted in community and the people right in your town are inspired that one person can make a difference.

-    Fun: You have a fiesta working hard alongside your friends and family and they have a blast serving the community and supporting their brave leader!

-    Opportunity: Excellent fodder for job resume’s and college applications! What college wouldn’t want a kid who LEADS their own non-profit! You will stand out.

-    Mentoring: Learn the power of mentoring by paying it forward. When you receive a gift, you will appreciate that gift even more if you share it. By mentoring the next generation of Charity U participants, you learn the abundance mindset- we only shine brighter when we light someone else’s candle with our glorious flame.

-    Skills: You learn the vital SKILLS of resilience, bravery, perseverance,   professionalism, purpose, service, commitment, confidence and leadership.

-    Legacy: You build a powerful legacy. At your funeral, everyone will talk about your life being so well-lived. They will say how beautiful it was that you dedicated yourself to making the world better than you found it and that you made such a significant difference in their lives because of your good heart and hard work. 

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