Jessie Funk





Non-Profit Director

Business Owner

Founder of Charity U


What is Charity u?

This is a six-month commitment where:


The first three months are spent designing and building your own non-profit.


The last three months are spent leading your organization and mentoring the next group of Charity U leaders.

The most exciting aspect of Charity U is that while you are focused on changing the world, we are focused on YOU becoming a strong leader. 

  • Mandatory weekly group meetings

  • Mandatory monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with your personal coach

  • Approximately three-hours a week of dedicated time on your own to work on your non-profit

  • After the six month commitment, you are free to fly on your own but can still stay connected through our Charity U community

  • Optional: 4-day Charity U summer retreat in Utah! Meet kids from all over the country, hear speakers and get coaching to take your charity to the next level, learn leadership, make friends, have a fiesta, win prizes, make memories! Our first one will be held July 22-26, 2020.

We know you already have a lot on your plate you over-achiever you, however, this program will set you up for success for everything else you do in life...high school, college, career, marriage, parenthood, community activist, legacy. 

  • How to choose the right name

  • Mission Statement

  • Confidence & professionalism

  • Specific goals for long-term success

  • Board of Directors

  • How to manage your team

  • How to set boundaries and have hard conversations 

  • Fundraising

  • Rallying your community

  • Business plan 

  • Social media, website

  • Marketing

  • Impact tracking

  • How to build a legacy

The online program teaches you everything you need to know A-Z through your Charity U workbook and custom made videos designed specifically for teenagers. The best part of Charity U is you are never alone. The other kids in your group will encourage you when you're struggling, build you up when you're doubting yourself, and cheer you on when you have successes!


First 3 months:


We call this the "test period." If you get to the finish line of the test period and prove to yourself and your team that this is right for you, then we apply for 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. 

Last 3 months:


Paid to Instant Non-Profit. They are our filing partners who will walk with you through the entire process. It would cost three times that and take three times as long if you did it on your own. Our partners at Instant Non-Profit are rock stars! and make the process smooth and fun.


(Keep in mind we teach you how to fundraise. Don't let money hold you back).


First 3 months:


You start a "community project" and only pay the $97 to go through Charity U.

Last 3 months:


Some projects might not need the 501c3 status in order to make a HUGE difference in your community!


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