Counselor Application

Do you want to serve and learn to lead? We are looking for teens ages 15-19 who care about other human beings, are willing to work really hard, are open-minded and teachable, have excellent listening skills, and can give a lot of energy to serving, loving, and connecting with kids. 

We will have a mandatory training day on Saturday May 8th in Farmington, UT from 9am- 5pm (meals provided) where you will learn everything you need to know to crush it as a counselor! (We will be swimming if weather permits, so pack accordingly)

The investment in your leadership education is $197 per camp. 

You will learn leadership through actual leadership. The adults at the camp will be there to supervise, support, and step in where we are needed, but YOU will be running the show along with your team of counselors. We believe that letting teens step into the role of a leader is the ONLY way to learn real leadership. There will be difficult moments where you have to problem solve, work as a team, be flexible, communicate effectively, advocate for your assigned group of campers, work hard even when you're exhausted, and be enthusiastic even when you don't feel like it. This is leadership. 

You will walk away from this experience as a counselor knowing you are capable of doing hard things. You will walk away feeling stronger, more confident, more resilient, more excited about your own dreams for your life, and more ready to fight for those dreams. Being a counselor at Ivy Ranch could change your life. 

Check the leadership skills you possess